Learn More About Our Professional Alteration Service

Do you want your favorite clothing pieces to fit like a glove even after you have lost weight? Need to get your wedding dress altered or maybe a suit? Regardless of the case, you can always take advantage of our professional alteration service. Seams By Starla is based in Salem, OR and at our shop, you can get any clothing item altered. We have a lot of experience working with women, men, and children, and would be happy to provide you with the service you need.

Buying things online or even in-store may leave you with clothing that doesn’t fit very well. You may have been in a rush or have lost some weight after you purchased the item. However, if the dress, blouse, skirt, shirt, or another item you have bought doesn’t fit you well, you should consider using our service. There is no need to go out to buy new pieces and spend even more money when you can get the clothes altered. We can make them fit you like a glove and this will instantly boost your confidence and make you look great.

When you come to Seams By Starla, we will take your measurements and will speak with you about the item and what we are capable of doing. If you have any other requirements, we will make sure that we note everything. After that, our great professionals will start their work on the item. They will cut off any excess fabric and will do new seams. They will add any details that you may want or remove ones that you don’t like. We will ensure the item is created with your measurements but when you try it on, if it doesn’t feel right, we will do some more corrections.


When you are searching for a professional alteration service, you should come to us in Salem, OR. We are capable of doing all you want. Call (503) 479-2192 if you have any other questions!