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Clothing Repair Tricks Everyone Should Know About

Sewing Repairs That You Can Do By Yourself

Even a well-made piece of clothing can have problems at inopportune times. Knowing how to sew your torn clothes with such precision is a life-saving trick you can have. You won’t have to rush to the nearest tailor just to get your clothes fixed. Plus, you can go on with your daily tasks unfazed. If you are searching for someone who does sewing repairs expertly, you must visit a local seamstress.

Experiencing a wardrobe malfunction is an embarrassing situation to be in. You’d be exposing certain parts of your body to several unsuspecting onlookers. Saving yourself from this kind of situation starts by knowing how to sew. You’ll be able to patch up that torn sleeve in no time. Here are some handy sewing repairs that you can handle by using your own sewing kit:

  • Hemlines – Hemlines are one of the most vulnerable areas of your clothing. They get torn easily, especially if your clothes touch the floor or if the fabric has been stretched. Hemming your clothes is easier than you thought. You create a 2-inch hem from the available fabric. Once this is done, you carefully sew the edges into the clothes properly.

  • Torn Fabric – There are instances where your movements can tear your clothes easily. Mending a torn fabric doesn’t require you to use any sewing machines at all. All you need for this emergency is an object called a fusible tape. You can purchase this from your local sewing store. You just have to place the tape on the torn area, and you’re good to go.

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